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Sailors observe anniversary tribute to Nelson

ON THURSDAY, October 21, HMS Collingwood held a commemorative service at the Nelson Monument on Portsdown Hill to acknowledge the 216th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and in remembrance of Lord Nelson and those who fell with him.
Commander Terry Tyack, Executive Officer, HMS Collingwood, laid a wreath at this commemorative event, on behalf of the Commanding Officer of the Fareham establishment. The event was also attended by a small contingent of Victory Squadron personnel, with the service led by Chaplain Richard Ellingham, who is currently based at Collingwood.
Cdr Tyack said: “Today allowed us to come together to honour the nation’s greatest Naval leader. It was really important for our young sailors to be here and for them to understand how significant the Battle of Trafalgar was in both the history of the Royal Navy and Britain. Admiral Nelson was highly regarded around the world.”
The Monument was constructed by Nelson’s ‘companions in arms’ following the Battle of Trafalgar as a memorial to him but also serves a practical purpose as it can be seen by ships where it is used as a seamark to bring them safely into Portsmouth Harbour.
The inscription on the monument reads: “Consecrated to the memory of Lord Viscount Nelson by the zealous attachment of all those who fought at Trafalgar to perpetuate his triumph and their regret MVCCCV [1805].”
PICTURED: Commander Terry Tyack saluting. Photograph courtesy of Keith Woodland, Crown copyright