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Westbury to mark childhood cancer month

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced they will be marking “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” through the month of September; the town centre based Westbury Manor Museum site set to be glowing the skies in gold every evening for the second successive year running to help draw attention to the importance of treatment and higher funds.

Statistics show that approximately 1,900 children / young people are diagnosed with this form of cancer in Britain every year. Due to improvements to both care and treatment overall, eight of those cases will end in a successful outcome of survival; but sadly the remaining 20% will sadly pass away and this has been a feature of multiple Parliament debates.

Awareness month is celebrated with a gold ribbon and this will be represented at “Westbury Manor Museum”, based in the town centre close to the bus station and opposite McDonalds. From 8:30pm every night the building’s outside lights will be filtered to gold for a certain amount of time, which has been agreed by councillors and Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Childhood cancer is a passionate subject for residents of Fareham and Gosport following the death of Sophie Fairall in 2021; the ten year old and her family inspiring thousands to join their campaign. A charity set up in her name, Sophie’s Legacy, is currently being supported by Fareham Mayor Councillor Fred Birkett and has held many huge events locally.

Council Leader Sean Woodward said: “I am delighted that this year once again we will be able to support this important initiative. As well as drawing (full) attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are encouraging local donations to Sophie’s Legacy. Child hood cancer is something no families should have to endure. Although over eighty percent of children with cancer are cured, further research is essential to improve treatments and manage long-term side effects.”

Readers can read more about Westbury Manor Museum by visiting the link whilst all details on Sophie’s Legacy can be explored here. Further information about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, including a print-out, are available here.

PICTURED BY CHRISTOPHER STEEL: Westbury Manor Museum will be lit ‘gold’ throughout the month of September.