Fareham Tories sack party-hopping councillor

Conservatives express disappointment after ‘underperformer’ Gregory quits ranks

FAREHAM Tories have issued a blistering attack on Councillor Nick Gregory who has left the party after writing to Home Secretary Suella Braverman criticising the impact of government policies on her constituency.
And although the maverick council member had already announced his resignation from the party, former colleagues say it was a case of him having “jumped before he was pushed”.
In a statement issued at the end of last week, a spokesman said: “It is with great disappointment that the Fareham Conservative Association announces the departure of Nick Gregory, councillor for Fareham South, who will no longer be a member of the Fareham Borough Council Conservative Group.
“This move is a direct result of Mr Gregory’s lack of dedication and commitment to serving the residents of Fareham South. Mr Gregory has changed different political parties seven times in his relatively short political career having been a member of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and an Independent, has consistently proven himself to be an idle and ineffective councillor. Despite his title, he has failed to answer emails and has ignored the needs and concerns of the residents of Fareham South, leaving the hard-working Conservative Councillor Stephen Ingram to pick up the slack.
“Mr Gregory was already facing the risk of deselection by Fareham Conservatives due to his lack of effort and involvement in his role as councillor. The Fareham Conservative Association made the decision to suspend his membership based on the numerous complaints received from residents in the Fareham South ward, who are calling for his resignation.
“He jumped before he was pushed.”
Tom Davies, Chairman of the Fareham Conservative Association, said: “Councillor Gregory has been given every chance to prove himself, but has failed to turn up to 40 percent of council meetings and consistently ignores communications from the residents he is meant to serve.
“It’s very disgraceful that Councillor Gregory has broken his promise not to party hop again and our Association took him at his word. He must now do the right thing and stand aside to allow the residents of Fareham South to elect a hard-working Conservative councillor to represent them – someone who will actually turn up to meetings.”
The Association statement added: “It is clear that Mr Gregory has jumped before he was pushed and has decided to switch to being an Independent in an attempt to save face. However, his actions only serve to demonstrate his lack of commitment to serving the residents of Fareham South and the Fareham Conservative Association will not be swayed by his attempts to redeem himself. Mr Gregory gave his word in 2021 that this kind of unreliable behaviour would cease, but he has regrettably reverted to type.  We stand behind Councillor Stephen Ingram and his unwavering commitment to serving the people of Fareham South.
“In conclusion, the Fareham Conservative Association condemns Mr. Gregory’s decision to switch back to being an Independent and calls on him to resign as councillor for Fareham South. It’s time for a change! The residents of Fareham South deserve to have a councillor who is truly committed to serving their needs and representing their interests.”
Days earlier, Mr Gregory had told reporters that remaining a Conservative would “contradict my pledge to support our local people and represent their best interests”.