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Firefighters scale back response to Fareham pub fire

By Connor Steel

HAMPSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE (HFRS) have confirmed that they have ‘scaled right back’ on the ‘ongoing operation at The Osborne View in Fareham following a huge overnight fire on Thursday (February 22); which has led to significant damage within the popular three-storey building and also forced major roads to be closed for safety reasons.

Emergency Services were called to the scene on Hill Head Road at approximately 2:30am after a report of ‘flames’ and smoke seen coming from this area, which further acts as a restaurant and hotel with welcoming coastal views. No hotel guests were staying within these facilities and staff on site were evacuated safely with no injuries reported from the fire.

Firefighters across Fareham, Gosport, Cosham, Portchester, Southsea, Eastleigh, Hightown and Beaulieu attended the incident; which was mostly controlled using ten fire-engines and two water carriers. Relief crews from other areas were informed of the fire later on this morning, and took over those who had been working long hours overnight at the scene.

The fire service issued an update online at 4:45pm stating that the majority of crews have returned to their stations with a fire vehicle and aerial ladder platform remaining on site. It is hoped that all of these crews will be leaving the scene at some point before switching to a re-inspection plan aimed at monitoring many potential fire hotspots within the building.

Local residents were urged to shut their windows and doors to protect against the heavy smoke in this immediate area, which was worsened by strong wind gusts throughout the morning. A route closure remains in place on Hill Head Road despite most emergency services leaving the scene; most likely due to the risks of blaze hotspots and safety concerns.

The pub’s management team used a statement to thank the ‘huge’ efforts of emergency services and all those involved in the aftermath of the fire. They have furthermore outlined a desire to assist the investigation in establishing the ‘exact’ causes of this fire and their website has been updated to reflect the closure of the facilities to the public at this moment.

PICTURED BY HAMPSHIRE & IOW BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire engulfs Osborne View earlier on Thursday morning.