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Gardens needed for 2022 walkabout event

LOCAL GARDENERS are being asked to sign up for the 2022 Alverstoke Garden Walkabout event later this summer and open their creations to the public, hoping to raise further funds for the Parish Centre Regeneration project following successes last year.

After 2020’s event was cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the 2021 version of the walkabout raised over £6000 in funds; which have gone towards the plan to replace the Parish Centre with a new, energy efficient space for clubs, groups, residents, and organisations to meet, socialise, exercise and learn.

The current Parish Centre, located opposite St Mary’s Church in Alverstoke, is still functioning but has some major issues that are too costly to address. Not only is the building tired and needs repair work after fifty-years in existence, but its function rooms are also now deemed too small to match community demands.

In recent years a new hall has been designed by local architect Richard Bullen, with the detailed plan already receiving planning permission to start work at a cost estimated to be under £2 million. So far funds of £300,000 have been raised and bids for major grants are being completed, with many events such as the Walkabout planned for 2022.

And the two-day walkabout this year will be held on July 2 and 3 in Alverstoke, with participating gardens able to open between 1pm and 5pm on one or both days. Gardeners are show their front or back creations; which could be paved or lawned alongside any additional features like gnomes.

Organisers are hoping for new people to join the ranks in a bid to show visitors from far and wide how interesting and beautiful Alverstoke’s gardens can be. Participants are furthermore permitted to sell plants, cuttings, and refreshments to boost funds alongside ticket entry fees.

Anyone living in Alverstoke who is interested in joining in should contact the organisers event by emailing alverstokegardenwalkabout@gmail.com ASAP to get involved; the deadline is currently March 30 with more information available on this poster.

PICTURED BY ALVERSTOKE WALKABOUT: Garden open for business at last year’s event