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Ghostly interaction detected at ex-Gosport care home

By Tony Ferguson

Members from Ghost2Ghost paranormal investigations joined me on a visit to an abandoned care home in Alverstoke recently as we tried to establish some “ghostly activities” within the historic Grade II building, which was built in the 1830s as a stucco faced listed villa and has now been shut for general public access over many years.

Given its past use as a care facility for children, it was perhaps no surprise that we heard the voice of one young person downstairs in the building’s basement. This was followed by an unknown male voice that was heard by all three participants, which was unexpected as I was the only male alongside Emily Cowell and Debbie Mcall.

Another example saw the sound of footsteps coming from a particular direction but nobody was there, whilst multiple bangs and one scream were further detected in the one hour exploration. Sadly most of the Lodge building is currently a shell following a major fire back in 2020, which has left huge areas destroyed and unsafe to explore.

Overall our experience in Anglesey Lodge was incredible as the three of us didn’t feel alone and we were pleased to explore the huge basement area that many people don’t know about. A video can be seen via this Facebook link, with some of the timestamps including the child’s voice (1 minute, 36 minutes) and an example of children screaming (6 minutes, 48 seconds).

Our aim is to explore the site for a second time before it is demolished fully and we hope that we can help out lost souls in the process. More information on future and past explorations / tours can be seen via this link or by visiting the Ghost2Ghost website.

PICTURED BY HISTORIC ENGLAND: Exterior of Anglesey Lodge in Gosport, which was formerly a care home before it was abandoned.