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Gosport school gets exterior makeover

By Connor Steel

A LOCAL SCHOOL in Gosport has benefited from a Hampshire County Council (HCC) scheme this summer as it received a large scale exterior makeover in collaboration with Crown Paints; giving a visual boost to students, teachers, and parents as they recently enjoyed the end of term before finishing until September.

HCC’s Decoration Programme, aimed at improving facilities and visual appearances of Hampshire schools, chose Newtown (CoE) Primary School for its latest renovation project back in mid-June; the Gosport school based near St Vincent College catering for a total of 370 students aged between four and eleven years old.

Tendered by HCC’S Property Services department, the work was undertaken by Trident Maintenance Services who followed the standards set by council guidelines. Prior to the recent makeover, the school’s exterior had been painted in a gloomy dark brown shade that had ultimately become worn and faded.

Looking for a durable paint product with good covering properties on the existing colour Trident Maintenance Services decided to use Crown Paints’ opaque wood protection paint, entitled Sadolin Superdec; the national company providing over two hundred litres of the requested product from its Fareham Newgate Lane store.

Work at the school took just under three weeks to complete and finished earlier this month, not disturbing any hours of education or affecting access to the facilities. And due to the long lasting finish of the paint, it may not require any further paintwork for at least 10 years depending on weather or other circumstances.

One parent at the school told the Globe last week: “It certainly looks fresher now it’s been painted, I really enjoy the lighter shade over the gloom and doom of the previous colour – Lets hope that other schools in the town are given the same treatment as it really does make a different to the atmosphere of going to class.”

Joanne Thomas, a specification sales manager at Crown Paints, said in reaction to the makeover and the company’s role in the success: “Design and colour can have a huge positive impact on an educational setting, so it’s important that students have the right environment to encourage learning, creativity, and play.  That’s why we were so pleased to have been successful in supplying appropriate paints for this and similar projects. Crown products will provide a durable solution that will last for years to come.”

Readers can see more information about Hampshire County Council Property Services by visiting this link, whilst details on Crown Paints and their products can be accessed online here.

PICTURED BY NEWTOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL: The refurbished and painted exterior gives brighter look.