Something strange is crystal clear at Guildford College!

By Kevin Richards

BEING invited to spend an evening with the Portal To The Paranormal team at Guildford College, in Surrey, meant our Gosport-based group could find out more about the strange events that have been rumoured – or recorded – to have taken place there over the past century.

After being welcomed by PTTP members, I wanted to learn about the ghost stories and folklore associated with this particular location. How much of it might we be lucky enough to witness for ourselves, whether believers or even sceptics? Some of these stories are rumoured to go back 180 years, so how much on the night could be split into fact and how much would be fiction?

What happened inside

Once we were divided into two teams, the very first call for action in the main hall was to get everybody into a big circle to ‘create some energy’ and call out to see if any spirits would come forward.

At that point nothing seemed to happen apart from when one of the team leaders started suffering immense pain in his side and was laid out on his back. As soon as the circle ended, he was fine and back on his feet. Now it could have been coincidental… or it could have been a bad spirit wanting him to suffer!

When the two teams went their separate ways for the evening our side – the A-team – stayed on the ground floor and headed for a dark room right behind the stage.

In there, David Hancock, the team leader, decided to go through all the equipment with the visitors to show how it works and what it can do. While he was doing that several people announced they could hear a clicking noise. In their minds, it was paranormal. Unfortunately – and more likely – there were servers close by that people could hear.

Spirit box experiment

For the first experiment in the room, we decided to try using a large spirit box which had been brought along. For those who have never used a spirit box, it basically is a modified radio that sweeps through broadcasting stations, giving spirits a vehicle to speak to us… or that is the idea, anyway.

We started recording this at the start time in case there was anything that we might miss. And during the 13-inute recording, there were a couple of occasions where a voice was heard and asked if the speaker knew where we were? They said: “Guildford.”

Now the obvious question to be asked was whether there were any radio stations that covered Guildford at that same time. So, after not getting any information that might provide a possible explanation, we moved on to dowsing.

Dowsing for ‘guardians’

So, the team leaders decided to see if any of the guests were getting any protection from guardian angels. Our team leader, Dave, decided to pick on Sarah and her partner, Luke, first.

Initially, Dave got Sarah to stand about five metres away, with her back turned towards him. He picked up his personal dowsing rods and they atomically crossed without him taking a step. Then he did the same thing to Luke and got exactly the same strong response.

That demonstrated the possibility of them having the same strong guardian for the evening protecting them both.

After that, we decide to take a break in the main hall of Guildford College.

First-floor classrooms

Following a short interval, we decided to go upstairs and entered one of the classrooms on the first floor.

All the visitors decided they wanted to learn how to do dowsing and crystal work, so were put into couples and spread across the hallway for the last two hours to see what results hey could get.

Four people stayed in the classroom with me and team leader Dave providing any help they might need when struggling with the dowsing rods.

But when they started using the crystals they started getting answers, picking up on a former teacher who had worked at Guildford College while suffering from dwarfism. She had endured a bad time at the college after being sexually abused by a student and went on to take her own life, which is something that could be investigated further.


Even though some of the well-documented spirits or ghosts never came out to introduce themselves to us on the night, you can’t have a howling success every time. But maybe on the next visit they will introduce themself to me and tell me their story.

On the other hand, within the group the members seemed to do better, with some of the information they got through doing simple things like using dowsing rods and crystals.

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