Hampshire Chamber welcomes Sunak NI initiative

INTERNATIONAL trade will benefit as a result of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s proposed deal on Norther Ireland with the EU.

That was the reaction earlier today, February 28, from Hampshire Chamber Chief Executive and Executive Chairman Ross McNally, who said: “Businesses will welcome the compromise opportunity agreed between the UK and EU to finally solve the damage to Northern Irish trade and market access caused by Brexit.

“The new framework, which has been such a long time coming, has the potential to cut red tape, offer reassurance over the free flow of goods, stabilise relations with the EU and support growth at a time of recessionary pressures.


“It is a question, as the Prime Minister has said, of striking a delicate balance. It was clear that the original protocol was simply proving unworkable, for example on the supply of medicines, some foodstuffs and the fulfilment of online orders despatched from elsewhere in the UK and had wrecked the chances of devolved government being restored in Northern Ireland.

“Thankfully, we can now move on. We urge politicians to seize the opportunity presented by the Windsor Framework so that businesses trading in and with Northern Ireland can return to a measure of stability and certainty.

“Progress offers the prospect of renewed investment and prosperity, a considerable prize in these uncertain times.

“Hampshire Chamber will continue to do its bit to support our members on their international trade journey whether they are new or established businesses and whether they are seeking to grow existing markets or explore new ones.”

PICTURED: Upbeat Hampshire Chamber CEO Ross McNally