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Paranormal probes a habit at Don’s old gym

Gosport ghost-hunter Tony Ferguson follows up a long history of  supernatural activity at a former smallpox hospital – the legendary Don Styler’s gym…

SO WE investigated a once-used smallpox hospital in Gosport where, sadly, a lot of people lost their lives.

For many years I have heard this location is haunted but never saw any real evidence to back up the claims other than people’s personal experiences.

For myself – Tony Ferguson and Debbie Mcall and Emily Cowell and Bev Ferguson from Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations – we went in very sceptical about the location as we had never seen any evidence to back up the claims of it being haunted.

We were greeted by the current owner, Matt, who is also sceptical of the paranormal. But he did mention his dad Don Styler absolutely loved it.


We told Matt that we didn’t want to hear any of the claims centred on the location as we wanted to go in blind-sighted to see if we could capture anything that may back up any of them or those associated with people’s personal experiences.

Matt showed us around the former hospital which now is a gym and also has a bungalow-type building behind it. Both buildings are very old and were once a part of the hospital.

When Matt left us locked inside we  encountered so many unexplained things which were caught on camera – including footsteps; tapping on the mirrors; voices responding to us.

I also had some ‘alone time’ in what they call the Dark Room, which is where ouija boards are often used and there were several  left in there.

Many people report unexplained things in this room but again I never really saw any evidence to back up anything other than personal experiences.

While locked inside with just a night vision camera I heard a female voice responding to me when I was asking questions; also some banging noises which I could not find a source for.

Overall, my whole experience with Don Styler’s Physical Training Centre left me scratching my head. Neither I nor Ghost2Ghost had been expecting much to happen.


But we also experienced strange things just outside the grounds as we left. We heard footsteps, only to turn around to find no one there.

This is a forest  trail called Monks Walk which, again, many claim is haunted.

After doing some research, we discovered that the hospital site had also been a part of Monks Walk.

Overall, at Don Styler’s Gym and Monks Walk it seems there are unexplained things going on. A location we didn’t expect much from gave us so much more than we expected.

For me it’s now a location I can say is one of the most haunted in the UK. And I’m looking to return there with Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations in the future to see if we can document any more evidence.

The link to some of our captures is https://www.tiktok.com/@tonyfergusonghosthunter/video/7119593444275703045?lang=en

See also https://www.facebook.com/DonStylersGym/

PICTURED: Posters from Styler social media pages advertising earlier paranormal investigations at the gym, together with a view of the interior.