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Petrol queues cause borough gridlocks

By Connor Steel / Photograph by Allsop

TRAFFIC queues are building across Gosport and Fareham for a second successive day, with gridlocks reported on main arteries in the boroughs as people rush to secure fuel for their vehicles.

It comes after ‘exaggerated’ mainstream media reports released on Friday warned of an immediate fuel/petrol crisis.

In the aftermath of these reports, towns and cities across Britain have reported long queues from 6am to midnight yesterday, with both Gosport and Fareham seeing similar images. Social media posts are highly critical of the press, accusing journalists and broadcasters of “scaremongering” and criticising the “panic buying” seen over the last 36 hours, although some motorists are simply getting what they need for work or other essential purposes.

Government and Downing Street have said there is no fuel shortage in Britain but there are too few drivers to transport essential fuel to filling stations. Number 10 has said that this is due to many factors such as low wages, DVLA backlogs after Covid-19 and self-isolating requirements, although it is hopeful this is only temporary with steps in place to reduce the impact.

But motorists are understandably concerned and have flocked to the forecourts for the second day. Queues have built up on Gosport’s Grange Road and Privett Road this morning – Saturday – with no reduction in demand. Fareham Road (A32) is also busy due to petrol stations near the Quay Street Roundabout, while Newgate Lane is reporting 45=minute jams around Asda. Portchester is also affected with some queues in the town centre, while the motorway continues to be shut between Gosport and Whitely due to essential maintenance works

As far as the Globe is aware this morning, no petrol stations have confirmed a shortage of fuel despite social media reports.; although some have limited the purchasing amount of fuel to £30. However Gosport Police did tweet on Friday afternoon that “Grange Road and Privett Road petrol stations have more than enough fuel to go around. There is no need to panic buy. There has been an RTI involving 3 cars, lots of short tempers and A/PS Pragnell is losing her voice shouting at inconsiderate road users! Please share”.