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Residents asked to check July election ‘registration’

By Connor Steel

LOCAL RESIDENTS from across Gosport and Fareham have been asked to ensure that they have joined the electoral register before the approaching General Election on July 4 (Thursday), which will see eligible voters given their chance to decide upon their Members of Parliament (MP) in a “democratic exercise” that could signal a change in Government.

This election was announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last Wednesday afternoon (May 22) and concluded weeks of speculation about a final date; which represents the first such vote since December 2019. It is believed that over fifty percent of voters will ‘cast their ballots’ throughout July 4 in each constituency, much higher than those for May’s votes.

People are being urged to check if they are still registered at their current addresses after a increase in property moves over time; particularly across the last twelve months. Councils have further asked those who have just turned ‘eighteen’ years of age to complete their application which can be completed in 10 minutes online on www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

This must be submitted by 11:59pm on June 18 (Tuesday) to ensure the delivery of ‘polling cards’ and allows all official processes to be verified before this election date. Figures show that as many as eight million residents are missing out upon opportunities to choose a candidate in Britain by not being registered, which could prove decisive in a final result.

People can chose to vote in person and by post alongside the option to ‘appoint’ somebody to vote in their place; which is somebody they trust and is known as a ‘proxy vote’. The deadline to fully apply for the postal vote is 5pm on June 19 (Wednesday), whilst the deadline for proxy votes is set as 5pm on June 26 (Wednesday); this link being available here.

Voters have further being advised of all significant changes for the July election, which may potentially include different ward names and polling stations than normal. Photographic identification is further needed for all ‘in-person voting’ with people asked to visit the Gosport Borough Council site or click www.fareham.gov.uk/elections for all further information.

PICTURED BY HOLLY MASON: Votes being counted for “Gosport Borough Council” Elections back in early May 2022.