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Sultan announces annual fireworks event

By Connor Steel

HMS SULTAN have announced that their annual Bonfire & Fireworks Night will be held later next month on October 27 (Thursday), with all local residents invited to a fun-filled evening during the half term holiday as tickets went on sale earlier today; organisers hoping to continue from last year’s event that drew thousands to the training establishment after two successive years of cancellations due to Government Covid-19 rules.

The evening has been organised by a team of staff at the centre of excellence for Royal Navy Air & Marine Engineering in conjunction with sponsors Wave 105; the radio station providing entertainment and details on key features by Tony Sheppard. It is reported that the theme will be ‘around the world’ after Sultan used this event last  year to mark their 65th anniversary; with the majority of music and outside lighting to reflect this.

In a major change to previous years including 2021, event tickets are only available to purchase online from with no cash purchases available on the night. The availability to buy online will expire at an unknown time on October 27, whilst visitors are also asked to bring both the digital e-tickets and printed versions of tickets to ensure quick access as large crowds look set to attend this popular event.

If buying tickets before October 24 (Monday) visitors will qualify for an early bird deal with a range of options to choose from. A family ticket of two adults and two children is priced at £20, whilst the adult tickets will cost £7 and just £4 per child to the event, whilst under three-year-olds go free. Any tickets brought between days October 24-27 will be priced at £25 per family, £10 per adult and £5 for children (aged between 3-15 years).

Onsite parking is available for a small fee of £2 and this must be purchased alongside family or adult tickets online, with no exception to disabled visitors. Unlike last year there is no obligation to provide car registration details as organisers look to improve security measures following previous issues that saw many fail to gain access, although visitors are asked to queue early and be prepared for checks of all vehicles including bags.

Parking will be available from 5pm with the gates opening from 5:30pm to everybody, including those walking or on foot. The bonfire is set to be lit from 7:45pm whilst the main firework display will start at a later time of 8:30pm to last for approximately twenty minutes; visitors urged to enjoy the range of funfair rides, stalls and food / drink areas that will be available throughout the evening alongside the musical entertainment on offer.

Gates will close at 10:45pm to visitors whilst crucial facilities such as toilets and disabled access have been confirmed throughout the evening as seen in previous years. Visitors have also been given the full details of the parking entry point to the event for satnavs and map devices, with the postcode identified as PO13 9XF. This is different to the main entrance to HMS Sultan, which is listed as PO12 3BY on Military Rd, in Gosport.

PICTURED BY BROOKE WATERS: Bonfire crackles in the skies at HMS Sultan in October 2021, which saw thousands of people in attendance to enjoy a night of bangs and loud noises in first such event since 2019.