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Summer Passport returns for 2023

By Michelle Monaghan

SUMMER PASSPORT is back for summer 2023. It will occur every Tuesday and Thursday from July 25 – August 17. The program is in partnership with Gosport Borough Council and the Community Safety Partnership and Motiv8 will be taking the lead on what’s being run this year.

Motiv8 is a local charity active in the Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport and Fareham area for the last 20 years. Their vision is to: ‘create safer communities where young people feel inspired and empowered to reach their potential.’

Activities will include sailing, zorb football, inflatables, yoga, swimming, driving lessons (14+), arts and crafts, and others. Even better, it’s free! However, it’s only for children in Gosport or attending Gosport schools and were born between September 1 2006 – August 31 2011. The booking link for registration will be available in June. 

Free passes will be available for all participants via First Bus. Passes can only be used for passport scheme activities and on the days they occur. But you need to be quick because, for any bookings after Friday, July 14, you will need to contact Motiv8 on 02392 525026 to arrange a collection.

Suppose you have younger children and are looking for something for them to do during the half term. YPlaYrangers are holding safari theme sessions in Gosport and Fareham for kids aged between 2-10 years.

Gosport’s session will be on Wednesday, May 31, from 12-2 pm at Forton Recreation Ground. Fareham’s session will be on Thursday, June 1, from 12-2 pm at the Park Lane Recreation Ground. An adult or suitable guardian or carer must accompany all children attending.

For more information, visit: https://motiv8.org.uk/our-activities-gosport/

On how your child can participate, go to: https://motiv8.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Summer-Passport-2023-taking-part-guidance-new-1.pdf

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