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Tories continue control with huge Fareham majority

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM CONSERVATIVES continued their dominance of the Borough Council as they regained overall control for a fourteenth successive election since 1999 with the results being announced early on Friday morning (May 3); the party winning a huge majority over the Liberal Democrats despite multiple losses in the rare ‘all-out’ election across 32 seats.

These elections were held in ‘similar conditions’ to Gosport two years ago with thirty-two seats to be elected across 16 wards; one of the winners having a four year cycle and the second having two years until at least 2026. This is a small increase of one councillor following recent boundary changes across the borough; the first ‘tweak’ for exactly 22 years.

But the change didn’t affect the Conservatives as they won the total of ‘twenty-two’ seats overall; including both elected councillors for Avenue, Fareham Park, Hill Head, Hook-with-Warsash, Locks Heath, Park Gate, Salisbury and Whiteley, Stubbington, Titchfield, and Upwards and Funtley. The Tories further got seats in Titchfield Common and Fort Fareham.

Fareham MP Suella Braverman was present for this count and posted on X (formerly Twitter) following the vote results; congratulating those who won “thanks to their hard work”. She further offered commiserations to unsucessful candiates and stated that “keeping council tax down” was key to winning the election alongside delivering their excellent services.

However the Liberal Democrats were also celebrating as they won eight seats; a net increase of four compared to May 2022 and all were taken off the Tories. Their successes covered Portchester Wicor, Portchester Castle, Fareham Town and Wallington and Downend with two councillors per ward; whilst they came fairly close in other areas of the borough.

Meanwhile the Labour Party picked up one councillor in Fort Fareham to halt the ‘complete’ Tories / Liberal Democrats dominance in recent elections, whilst Jack Englefield won as an Independent candidate in Titchfield Common. In sharp contrast it was a difficult nght for the Green Party and Reform Party who struggled to muster a push to the major rivals.

Readers can explore the detailed results from each ward by clicking this link; whilst they are encouraged to visit media sites such as BBC News, Sky News and ITV for developments / analysis on all elections being held across the country.

PICTURED BY SUELLA BRAVERMAN: Conservative Councillors celebrate their huge Borough majority with local MP.