Becoming A Food Delivery Driver: 4 Steps To Success

Food delivery drivers are essential in helping businesses deliver their products to paying customers.
With the rise of delivery apps like Just Eat and Deliveroo, the demand for drivers is higher than ever.
Many people see it as a reliable additional stream of income. Therefore, they are interested in
delving into this career path. This short guide will share four tips to help you become a delivery
driver. We cover it all, from hire and reward insurance to clean driving records.

Have A Clean Driving Record

You will not become an eligible candidate if you have a poor driving record. Points on your license
are red flags for any employer. Therefore, it is vital that you maintain a clean driving record. Firstly,
you must engage in safe driving habits; you can familiarise yourself with these by conducting some
online research. Some examples include keeping your distance and watching out for road markings.
You can also take a driving safety course – if you require additional help. Practice makes perfect to
help you become a confident – and safe driver.

Ensure You Are Covered

Every food delivery driver must acquire the right insurance policy. The right level of cover will
protect you and your vehicle from accidents, theft, or damage. There are many types of insurance
policies, so getting your head around them can be difficult. One type of cover worth looking into is
hire and reward insurance. This covers those who make numerous deliveries and transport items to
customers. Be wary that the company you work for might not be covered under this policy. So,
research is required. You can learn more about hire and reward insurance through sites like

Find A Suitable Vehicle

Not all employers will supply you with a vehicle to make your deliveries. If that is the case, you will
need to find your own car. Ideally, you want to choose something that is fuel-efficient. Recent
reports show the price of fuel is rising dramatically around the UK. So, you don’t want to lose all your
wages on filling up your tank. Some employers may offer to pay for fuel. However, this is something
you should ask them during your interview. It is also worth researching the best fuel-efficient cars
currently available on the market. There are plenty of reviews online that can offer you some

Understand The Skills Needed For The Role

To better your chance of securing a job, you must take time to understand the skills required for the
delivery role. Firstly, you need exceptional driving skills. If you are not yet confident behind the
wheel, keep practising until you are comfortable with what you are doing. Communication is also a
vital skill to have. Not only will you need to liaise with your employer, but you will also need to be
comfortable talking to customers to make the delivery process run smoothly. Adaptability is also
necessary. You never know when an order will get cancelled – or the location will change. Learning to
manage these situations under pressure is vital.