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Council announces vehicle fleet modernisation

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced an upcoming programme of works that will modernise its existing commercial vehicle fleet over the next five years; this step helping them move towards using electric energy to help the environment and further saving money as agreed in an executive meeting early this week.

This programme comes as more council vehicles have become outdated and unreliable to use, meaning that temporary replacements have been hired to help accommodate the repair work. But councillors do admit this isn’t the best use of money, further publishing a plan to have a more modern and resilient fleet by 2027/2028.

Details include creating a new fleet of sixteen electric vehicles that will replace their current diesel models on a rolling basis over these next five years; helping to reduce all council emissions by approximately 40 tonnes per annum by 2028 and further lower the age of the collection in a bid to cut down on their future repair fees.

New technology will furthermore be an important feature and new vehicles should be easier to update if ever needed, whilst the fleet may be designed specifically to use as little energy as possible. It is reported that an additional six to eight electric chargers will be made available at Broadcut Depot site to match extra demand.

Council Leader Seán Woodward said: “I’m delighted that the programme to replace our outdated commercial vehicle fleet has been approved. This investment will not only save the Council money in the long run but will also help reduce our carbon footprint in line with our ambition to be carbon neutral across all of our services.”

PICTURED BY PIXABAY: Fareham Council are joining fellow local organisations and businesses in reducing fuel use; the borough’s leaders approving plan for electric vehicles to become part of their new fleet by 2028.