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Council statement on jellyfish

Gosport Borough Council has issued a statement to reassure visitors to the Cockle Pond and boating lake in Walpole Park.

A spokesperson said: “These areas of water are classified as saline lagoons, which are rare habitats.

“The jellyfish now being seen are moon jellyfish (scientific name Aurelia aurila) the moon jellyfish, or moon jelly, is found throughout the world’s oceans. Around the size of a plate, it is recognisable by the four circles visible through the translucent white bell. These four circles are gonads, the reproductive organs located at the bottom of the stomach, and they are normally purple in colour. Moon jellies are common in UK seas and are often found washed up on shore. Jellyfish are 95% water and have no brain, blood or heart.

“Their sting is not strong enough to penetrate human skin, but it’s important to be cautious, as people’s sensitivity can vary and some individuals could have some irritation.”