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New garden waste collection scheme for Fareham

FAREHAM Borough Council is following its Gosport neighbour and bringing in a paid-for ‘Clip and Collect’ subscription scheme for the collection of garden waste.

The current free garden waste service using bags will end in the collection weeks December 6 to 17 and to continue to have garden waste collected, residents will have to buy a brown wheelie bin and pay a charge for collection.

Two sizes of brown wheelie bin are available:

140 litre wheelie bin: one-off bin purchase £34; annual subscription £50

240 litre wheelie bin: one-off bin purchase £36; annual subscription £60.

There is an ‘early-bird’ discount available until October 31, with the purchase prices of the bins being reduced by 50 per cent – 140 litre bin costs £17, and the 240 litre bin, £18.

The annual subscription buys 25 collections – every two weeks on the designated recycling week; the exception being no collection during the two-week period over Christmas and New Year.

However, the new ‘Clip and Collect’ scheme will not start until next February, so there will be no garden waste collection in January.

Further details – including how to subscribe – of Fareham Borough Council’s new garden waste are here, or call 01329 236100.

The Executive Member for Streetscene at Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Ian Bastable, said: “The decision to begin charging for garden waste collection was not one which was taken lightly. It was agreed by the Council’s Executive in September 2020 and brings Fareham in line with more than half of councils across the country and all of those in Hampshire which now charge for this service.

“It was decided that a subscription service was the fairest option for all residents as not all properties require garden waste collection and the service will be paid for by those that choose to use it.”

There are some differences between the Gosport and Fareham borough councils’ schemes.

In Gosport, the garden waste collection is carried out by the council’s contractor Urbaser Limited and only one bin size is available – 240 litre – but there is no upfront charge to buy it.

The annual subscription is the same – £60 for a 240 litre brown bin – though collections in Gosport are only carried out every two weeks between March and November.

Details of the Gosport Borough Council/Urbaser scheme can be found here.



Image (top): Clip and Collect scheme logo, reproduced with permission.