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Freemasonry more than a society with secrets

David Andrews, a Past Master of Prince of Wales Lodge No 1705 (pictured), extends an invitation to an open evening organised by the charity fundraising society…
HAVE you ever thought about joining the Freemasons? Maybe your dad or granddad were Masons and you would like to join them, or maybe it’s just something you are intrigued by. It is still widely believed that it is a secret society and you can only join if you are asked. Maybe that was true years ago but in fact the Masons opened their doors some while ago.
If you are 21 or over and would like to find out more about the group that describes itself as making good men better, now’s your chance. There is an open evening at Gosport Masonic Centre in Clarence Road on Monday, November 29, when they will offer you a taste of the shared experience and bond of friendship you might expect after joining.
Traditionally after Masonic meetings a Festive Board is held where, over a meal, the social side of the organisation comes to the fore. This open evening starting at 7pm will offer an explanation of what Freemasonry is and what it means, followed by a full three-course meal at 8pm.
The cost is £17 per person, which just covers the cost of the meal and dress code is smart but informal – shirt, tie and jacket. As a guest you can ask any questions you might have and if you would like further information about Masonry or the charitable works undertaken, this is the ideal opportunity and details can be obtained of the eight Lodges which meet in Gosport or about those that meet in Fareham Masonic Centre allowing you to find the Lodge which suits you best.
Although not covered by this evening, there are also women’s Freemasonry groups. To book a place, please contact Dan Atkins on 07515 063074; email: