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Ghostly offerings investigated at smallpox hospital

By Tony Ferguson

Members from Ghost2Ghost paranormal investigations joined me last Sunday evening (July 16) on a return to the legendary “Don Styler’s Gym” based in Elson; hoping to explore any further unexplained activity within the location since our last visit in summer 2022 as previously documented in the Gosport & Fareham Globe.

Upon arrival we found that they had moved the location of the “Dark Room”; which can now be found near the actual gym itself rather than the main building. This featured a table and chairs as seen in the video; the new surroundings seemingly stirring up more paranormal activity within this area of the old historic site.

We furthermore conducted an experiment within the ‘Dark Room’ where we sent in investigators to do lone vigils or as a pair as some felt uncomfortable going into the room alone. Many reported back they had been feeling a heavy presence, hearing footsteps, banding noises and voices saying ‘get out’ which has been picked up on camera.

Each group that went into the room encountered activity that we can’t explain, which can be seen in the video. During this investigation we were shocked to hear the sounds of “young children’s voices”. They were either responding to our questions or trying to get our attention when we were talking; which is something that a child would traditionally do.

We could not explain this as the gym is in a remote location, with a military base on one side and woods on the other. These voices were heard within the gym area that was once the Gosport & Alverstoke Smallpox Hospital. Could these be the voices of children that lost their lives to this horrific disease?

Overall there was so much that we cannot explain upon our return. Could this be the most haunted hospital in the UK? Many lives were lost in this hospital and it is one of the few that is assessible for investigations, whilst also having a lot of history. The site has furthermore drawn visitors and paranormal groups from across the country.

There is also the location of the site, which is surrounded by land called Monks Walk and is renowned for people reporting that they have experienced unexplained encounters. As the whole area of Monks Walk and the gym was once a smallpox hospital; is it the land that is haunted or the building itself?

Readers can watch the footage we captured during the evening by clicking the video link below, which is available on Facebook (published on Monday): https://www.facebook.com/TonyFergusonGhostHunter/videos/1038587564187374

PICTURED: Investigators sitting in chairs as they keep lookout for paranormal activities including noise and movement.