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King Canute and a rising tide of climate change

By Anne Stephenson

PANTO comes early to Stokes Bay, as Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth present ‘King Canute of Westminster’.
Will the king be able to keep his promises: no floods, no fires and no sea level rise? Will he put our money where his mouth is? Or will he put most of our money in the pockets of oil and gas?
Join us for the performance at Stokes Bay, near Pebbles Cafe, from 11.30 am on Saturday, November 6. Our group members will also be free to chat about topics that interest you and tell you more about our activities.
This November, world leaders will descend on Glasgow for the UN climate talks. This should be an important moment to urgently address the climate emergency. But we know from experience that the talks often lack ambition or action.
That’s why communities across the globe are making their voices heard, to show our leaders that we won’t settle for empty pledges and polished speeches.
We need concrete urgent action to match the scale of the crisis.