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Patsy releases new ‘health’ themed story collection

By Connor Steel

LOCAL AUTHOR Patsy Collins has released a brand new collection of short stories focusing on health and wellbeing; thus marking her twenty-ninth series focusing on themes such as romance, family, gardening, and ghost stories.

As previously covered in the Globe, Patsy is a popular author with eight novels to go alongside twenty-eight collections of short stories. Hundreds of stories have been published in My Weekly, The People’s Friend and Fiction Feast; whilst the author cites Lee-on-the Solent and her campervan travels as her inspiration.

Her latest collection is entitled ‘A Clean Bill of Health’ and looks at how health is important for everyone; as well as the theme that it is often taken for granted. There are so many controllable / uncontrollable factors that can affect somebody’s health and wellbeing; such as infection, smoking, anxiety, excess weight, accident, injury or conditions from birth.

This collection of stories centres around the journey of diagnosis, assistance, and acceptance for many characters; such as Lynne who doesn’t seek prompt help due to embarrassment over the position of her boil. Meanwhile George worries that a strange rash is a result of being bewitched and Emelie thinks she’s the cause of her sister’s avian, whilst Mr Thirlwall’s imagination is running away with him. If that isn’t enough Helena’s family are “a pain in the abdomen” and Jack is his own worst enemy; the only spoiler being that things do get better for all of them.

These stories will be part of a series of collections and follows from Patsy’s early writing career where she produced short stories for Patient UK; which were then used as fictions for patients as a way to help them understand their conditions. As a result of heavy research into this area for this project, she has plenty of material to draw on,

Readers can download an e-book version of this collection from Amazon for 99p (until May 17) and then £1.99 after this date. Paperback copies can be purchased at £6.99 online and may be ordered from local bookshops, as well as being requested at the library. More information can be explored about the author by visiting www.patsycollins.uk or by signing up to her newsletter, which is accessible here.

PICTURED: Patsy Collins has written / released a new collection of short stories focusing on health and wellbeing.