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Residents invited to attend Gosport civic ceremony

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT RESIDENTS have all been invited to attend a special civic ceremony next weekend and “share the love” as the Borough looks ahead to Valentine’s Day later this month in a unique style; the event aiming to celebrate ‘generosity and compassion’ that is shown across the community to each other alongside those suffering from large global conflict.

The ceremony will be held on February 11am at the Freedom Church in Elson (Netherton Road); beginning at 10:30am and running until midday (12pm). Refreshments will be available after the service and offers the chances to mingle with other residents, whilst opportunities are to be made available to support people affected by the continuing Ukraine War.

Reverend Sean Blackman is likely to lead the ceremony and outlined it was a “good moment to remind everyone of our ongoing love for those around the world.” He will be joined by ‘high profile’ community figures including current Gosport Mayor Cllr Martin Pepper and the Mayoress, along with members of local groups and also organisations from the town.

Cllr Pepper said: “There’s so much compassion and willingness to help those in need within Gosport that the Mayoress and I are proud to demonstrate our (huge) love of Gosport, our community and the open arms that we collectively show to those in need.  Our civic service aims to bring us all together to celebrate those very special qualities (in one place).”

More information about the Freedom Church is available via this link and limited parking is available in this surrounding area, whilst it can also be found by using both E1 / E2 bus services and walking a small distance from the closest stop.

PICTURED BY ALAMY ( KM73C2): Service is to be held next Sunday to celebrate Gosport’s community and ‘qualities’.