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Local input wanted as North Harbour closure looms

By Michelle Monaghan

MP FOR PORTSMOUTH NORTH, Penny Mordaunt, launched a survey on January 20 asking the public where they would like their GP to be based.

Her survey is due to the closure of the North Harbour practice in Cosham, with the doors expected to close in Spring. The North Harbour Medical Group announced the closure of the practice on December 15 2022. Too many departures from the practice’s senior leadership team on the medical and business operations side are said to be the reason.

Patients at the practice received letters last month outlining details of other practices nearest to them and the choice of which practice they want to switch to. Despite the offer, patients still need clarification about the situation and claim they have been given limited options, are not allowed to choose from others not listed and that some medical practices are too difficult for them to travel to.

Hence, Ms Mordaunt is urging as many patients to partake in the survey as possible so she can try and cater their list of replacement medical practices to suit their needs. She hopes that The Drayton Practice, which has a small GP practice on Wootton Street next door to the health centre car park. Will have the opportunity to expand as a central medical practice in the local area as it’s expected to take a large share of North Harbours patients.

There is also the future Highclere Surgery which will be run by The Drayton Practice and is expected to be operational by Spring next year. For now, Ms Mordaunt is in ongoing talks with The Integrated Care Board (ICB) and the Secretary of State for Health about extending the Wootton Street site and possibly erecting a temporary building that could be located in the existing health centre car park. She has an agreement from the ICB and Solent Trust to explore this option.

However, the ICB needs to know if patients would use the option and why the survey is vital to the future of health services in the Cosham area. Due to the situation, Ms Mordaunt has asked NHS England to bring the Highclere build forward.

Besides the survey, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board have run in-person and online information sessions through Eventbrite. Patients can keep tabs on the board’s Eventbrite page for any future sessions that can ease their concerns. 

PICTURED BY GOOGLE: North Harbour Medical Group Cosham Health Centre.