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Riddle of the sounds on a night for strange encounters

Globe reader and ‘ghost whisperer’ Tony Ferguson discovers unexplained noises, strange encounters and signs of witchcraft in Gosport’s atmospheric Diving Museum…

ON SATURDAY (December 10) we investigated a location called the Diving Museum, in Gosport, during a visit organised by Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations.

For health and safety reasons, we had to have a tour guide with us. Joining us were two sceptics, with whom we were locked in for the whole night.

I always go ahead alone at the start of the night to check out the location and see what I can document. While doing this, I had several encounters involving unexplained banging noises, even a dragging sound and voices of a child and a male adult talking to me, all of which was caught on camera.


I then called in the other investigators, who were three females. I noticed things became a bit more sinister as on camera you can hear a disembodied man’s voice saying “F**k you” and many more disturbing voices of a male.

In the tunnels I am the only male on location, so we should not be hearing a man at all. We also heard a clear “Hello”, which again luckily came out on camera. Also, my name was called out by an unseen force a few times.

There were many unexplained banging noises, footsteps and what I believed to be a dragging sound.

We interviewed the tour guide, Anne Bevan, at the end to find out she also had an encounter during which she heard a dragging sound only to find out there was nothing there.

She and the other tour guide are massive sceptics.

I can’t explain what is going on with this location but something supernatural is certainly happening.


I also noticed in the tunnels there are a few carvings of what many would describe as dark arts witchcraft. The location – No 2 Battery at Stokes Bay Road – is also a museum with a lot of old artefacts. Many people believe that energy can attach themselves to items.

We were only there for two-and-a-half hours. We encountered so many unexplained things which we tried to debunk but couldn’t.

There is no reason to be hearing a small child in the tunnels at 10 o’clock at night, that’s for sure!

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PICTURED: One of the scuba diving gear exhibits at Gosport’s intriguing underground museum. But when the volunteers and visitors leave, is there anybody there? Photograph copyright of the Diving Museum.