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Social Prescribing Service supporting Gosport patients


BRIDGEMARY Medical Centre, Bury Road Surgery, Gosport Medical Centre, Rowner Medical Centre, Solent View Medical Centre, The Willow Group. 

If you are registered with any of these GP practices which are part of Gosport Central Primary Care Network Member Practices, then a referral to the Social Prescribing Service from staff at your GP practice may really help you.

We know that sometimes our health needs and social needs overlap. The role of the Social Prescribing Service may not be a term you are aware of, so what is it and how does the service work?

Social prescribing can improve your health and wellbeing.

 It helps you to explore services and other options of support to improve your health, sense of wellbeing and independence. Social Prescribing is for those who need a little extra help to navigate the services available to them in the community.

If the service is appropriate for you, a member of your GP surgery health care team will refer you to a Social Prescriber Link Worker, who will contact you by phone to discuss your referral. The Link Worker may arrange to visit you at your home or at another venue if appropriate. Initial contact will usually be within 7 working days of receiving the referral. Social Prescribing is time- limited and the length of time you receive support will depend on your circumstances.

The Social Prescribing Link Worker is:

Someone to talk to confidentially.

Someone who is practical, helpful and will not judge you.

Someone who can help you find activities that may suit you and if needed can be with you at your first visit to the activity to build confidence.

Someone who can help you find organisations/agencies appropriate to you.

Someone who can help you access support with completing forms, etc.

The Social Prescriber Link Worker can help you explore services and activities in your community, such as:

Befriending, social groups/clubs and support groups.

Specialist services and support.

Volunteering opportunities. 

Learning opportunities.

Healthier and more active lifestyles.

Ways to develop your own positive skills and interests.

Sarah was recently supported by the Social Prescribing Team for support to regain her self-confidence and return to employment. 

The social prescriber has spent time listening to Sarah to help in identifying her specific goals and created a joint plan to support Sarah in achieving her goals.

So far, Sarah has been supported to access social activities in the community, and to engage with talking therapy to manage anxiety. 

Her next goal is to participate in a supported volunteering programme and is feeling more positive: “(I can see) some light at the end of the tunnel”. 

The social prescriber is still working with Sarah to ensure that she is supported to achieve her long term goal of returning to work.     

To access the service, contact the team via your GP surgery or email: hiowicb-his.socprescgosport@nhs.net