The Universe explained during round of golf

Book Review

This book invites you to take a tour of the Universe and its many wonders in the company of Bob and Alec, two lifelong friends who meet several times a year to play a round of golf for their personal trophy.

Due to a chance meeting in the clubhouse, their conversations as they play round the golf course turn to a discussion on how much our increased knowledge of the Universe has enriched their lives and given us the profusion of technological marvels that today we take for granted.

According to an Online Book Club reviewer last February: “18 Holes of Quantum Golf is a story that shows the true value of friendship. It’s a book that encourages passion toward one’s goals in life and I love how the author used two senior citizens playing a round of golf to highlight the importance of caring, friendship, love, marriage and, most importantly, to explain how science has enabled us to gain a better understanding about the world around us. Also, I loved the addition of humour in between the lines of the story which adds to the point that the author is explaining.

“As a lover of history and a science enthusiast, tho’ not a golfer, this was a delightful read. The book will be educational for people who want an easy introduction to the growth of science and the many impacts it has had on our modern world.” .

The golfers playing ahead of Bob and Alec are very slow giving them plenty of time for chats between shots which combine to tell the history of science starting with Thales 2,800 years ago in Ancient Greece. The story pays tribute to the immortals – Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and continues right up to the explosion in our knowledge over the last hundred or so years with the fact that 90% of all scientists who have ever lived are alive today. It’s a compelling tale which is told by the golfers in their normal chatty language with no technical jargon for the readers to puzzle over.

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p.s. It’s not all about science as there’s other important matters to be discussed and a unique golf match to be won!