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Researchers told where to go at ghostly fort

Gosport ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Tony Ferguson, together with Debbie McAll and Emily Cowell from Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations, visited Hilsea Lines Fortification after people reported feeling uneasy and experiencing unexplained events there…

Debbie McAll and Emily Cowell visited alone and invited me to return with them after experiencing things that they could not explain.

Upon our arrival, we captured a strange, mysterious mist at the start of the video. At the same time, a voice can be heard saying “get back”.
I was the only man in the building at the time so we should not have been hearing another male voice.
We caught many voices saying “get out” and “go”. We were sworn at and told to “f**k off” – all by what sounds like the same male voice.
Debbie said she felt like she was being followed and we then heard a distinct male voice say “get out”.
When we were about to leave one of the rooms we heard what sounded like someone banging on the wall. It sounded like someone had kicked it with steel toe capped boots on.
Overall we captured many disembodied voices and noises that we could not explain.
Emily is a sceptic and even she walked away wondering what on earth we had just encountered.
All of this was documented on camera here, in short clips of the captures.