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Winchester care patient facing possible eviction from home of 20 years

A woman with multiple complex care patient needs is facing possible eviction from her home of 20 years.

Winchester care patient Emma Lamb moved into her specially adapted home in Winchester aged 18 and lives there with a full time carer. Now, social housing provider A2 Dominion has said it needs the three-bedroom property back to deal with “the current housing crisis.”

Executive director Michael Reece added an “unprecedented number of families are in need of a home”. Ms Lamb requires 24-hour care for conditions including epilepsy, mobility problems and learning difficulties.

A2 Dominion wrote to her family in January, explaining they were unable to find a suitable tenant to live with Ms Lamb and her carer.

Her sister, Adele, said: “She moved here so she could live the life she wants without having to have her family there all the time just because she has disabilities.

“We thought she’d be safe here forever and now her home and her safety is at risk.”

‘Housing crisis’

Michael Reece, Executive Director of A2 Dominion, said: “It’s unfortunately no longer sustainable for us to rent out a three-bedroom property to a single tenant.

“We are supporting Hampshire County Council and Ms Lamb’s current support provider, to find her a new home that meets her needs and we will continue to do so, with eviction being something we would only pursue as a last resort.”

Mr Reece added: “We appreciate this is a difficult situation and would like to apologise for any stress this may have caused her and her family.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said the authority would “continue to offer support and explore potential options” and “hoped a satisfactory resolution could be found in the near future.”

An eviction date has not been set, but Ms Lamb’s family said they would go to court if necessary.

Ms Lamb’s sister added: “She deserves to have her own space. Emma lives in a constant state of stress and fear and any seizure could kill her, so this is life and death for Emma.”

Article provided by BBC News