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Wheelchair swing installed at Fareham park

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have confirmed that a wheelchair swing has been successfully installed at Holly Hill play area, next to Holly Hill Leisure Centre following development work over recent weeks.

This ‘integration swing’ compliments the existing range of inclusive equipment at Holly Hill play area, such as a roundabout, sensory play panels and a basket swing for children as well as an accessible picnic table for all. It allows the operator to use the suspended rope and pulley to swing themselves on the equipment or have someone else push them to create the motion.

Alexandra Bufton, whose daughter Doris is a wheelchair user, said: “This is so exciting to have a wheelchair swing at our favourite park! My daughter is very sensory, and she loves movement. A swing is one of her favourite activities but due to her disabilities it is difficult to lift her from wheelchair to swing.

She continued to say: “I am personally so grateful to Fareham Borough Council for ensuring that disabled children have the same opportunities as other children. This will change the lives of so many wheelchair users of all ages. Holly Hill play area is the perfect setting as it caters for children of all ages and, personally, I love being able to grab a coffee!”

The swing is specifically for the use of those in wheelchairs and will be locked to ensure that it is kept safe. Those wishing to use the swing can access it using a RADAR key, which can be requested from the Council by calling 01329 236100 or emailing

A key will also be available all day, every day and can be accessed from the Holly Hill Leisure Centre reception desk; with the key needed to be returned upon use. The leisure centre also features equipment for all ages and abilities, accessible parking, and a fully accessible Changing Places facility.

PICTURED BY FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL: Doris enjoys the new wheelchair swing at Holly Hill.