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Water pipe burst slows Gosport traffic to a trickle

THIS is the picture posted by police officers on Easter Monday explaining why a major road was closed in both directions to Bank Holiday traffic as it slowed to a trickle; with delays further expected this morning (April 19) as emergency work is carried out on the water line and road surface.

Gosport’s busy Fareham Road had flooded due to a burst water main between Cunningham Drive and Wych Lane early yesterday morning, April 18. And in a message posted via social media channels  Facebook on Monday morning, Hampshire Constabulary said: “This is a major route in and out of Gosport so please avoid the area if possible, as traffic is backing up.”

However this didn’t stop Fareham-bound traffic backing up to the Brockhurst roundabout and, heading towards Gosport, the queue started near the North Star Restaurant; police working hard throughout the day to divert vehicles down Wych Lane before the road was reopened with restrictions just before 5pm.

And there are delays expected this morning as people return to work after the Bank Holiday Weekend, with a traffic update from Romase’s Twitter warning of 15 minutes waits due to repair work to the surface alongside the water line affected during the aftermath of yesterday’s incident.

At the time of writing this warning affects the A27/A32 travelling on Eastern Way from Delme Roundabout to Quay Street as well as southbound on Gosport Road / Fareham Road to Wych lane. This is due to temporary traffic lights in place with no timeframe on when the road will be returning to normal.

Readers can see a full report by Assistant Editor Connor Steel on yesterday’s closures by visiting this link: A32 reopens after water pipe closure – The Gosport and Fareham Globe (thegosportglobe.co.uk).

PICTURED BY FAREHAM POLICE: Scene of flooded road that affected Bank Holiday traffic in the area