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Canadian restaurant set for Gosport branch

By Connor Steel

COUNCILLORS look likely to grant permission for another restaurant and drive-through facility to be created within Gosport after a recommendation report was published last month; the new site set to be owned by the popular Canadian coffee and fast-casual restaurant company Tim Hortons as they capitalise on UK markets.

Documents were submitted by Chapman Lily Planning Limited in October proposing that the new restaurant would be located to the eastern side of Fareham Business Park; nearby to Toolstation, Formula One and its rival KFC. Parking spaces for thirty-nine vehicles would be allocated on this land for use of staff and visitors.

If approved by Gosport Borough Council it would be the first branch in Hampshire for Tim Hortons, who were founded in Canada and brought their franchise to the UK five years ago. Since then it has opened sixty units nationwide, the current nearest restaurant being found in Chichester and is open for eighteen hours per day.

The brand promises their customers a range of tasty products including doughnuts paninis, melts, wraps and hot sandwiches. A range of hot and cold beverages are also offered with its variety of coffee being one of the main ‘pulling points’ for trading; customers able to take full advantage of takeaway options and dine-in areas.

According to supporting documents the building will be a single story and follow a similar design to KFC, with modern fire-resistant cladding to feature. A refuse storage building is due to be placed near the drive through exit alongside customer bins; a footpath through the parking areas to Barwell Lane providing critical safety.

Fifty vacant jobs will be created as a result of any new restaurant and this was seen as a positive element for local residents alongside potential Canadian links with ice hockey teams playing at Gosport Ice Rink. Further competition and variety of fast food facilities were welcomed in comments made through this planning portal.

But there was some concerns raised by local residents on Fareham Road about a potential increase in traffic and rubbish, whilst the issue of tarmac upkeep and flooding on Lederle Road was recorded. Questions about the need for another restaurant were documented, with one alternative idea being a local convenience store.

These concerns were put to developers who have since amended certain elements of the prosed plans such as vehicle tracking and considerations promised on improving signage in the area; with no new objections by local organisations including Streetscene, Hampshire County Council, Southern Water and an Ecology team.

Recommendations were fully published in an eleven page report dated January 31 and forwarded to Gosport Borough Council for debate from their designated committees. It is likely to be given the ‘granted permission’ status under the Town and County Planning Act 1990; which gives a timeframe of three years for completion.

Readers can examine all documentation for this proposal and further updates by clicking via this live website link; the application being found by searching for Application No. 22/00415/FULL. But visitors will first have to register for a free account using an current email address to enable access and to download any PDF report.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (2H0YY3T): Vehicles queue outside Tim Hortons drive-through in Northern England.