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Collingwood visit nursing home for ‘Valentine’s Day’

By Connor Steel

RESIDENTS living at the privately owned Tudor Lodge Nursing Home in Fareham were given a special ‘Valentine’s Day’ treat earlier this week as they were visited by a small number of Victory Squadron sailors from HMS Collingwood on Wednesday afternoon.

The training establishment followed up on a similarly successful event in 2023 and a group of volunteers attended the welcoming nursing home on Newgate Lane, where they helped to serve residents a delicious three course meal and later handed each of them a red rose to mark the occasion. Decorations including hearts and balloons were further put up by staff before sailors arrived, which added to the theme of “love”.

Sailors were given the opportunity to mingle alongside the residents and indeed veterans living at the Nursing Home; who were only happy to share stores of their life and military experiences. The sound of laughter and chatter was very evident with smiles on everybody’s faces, which made it an unforgettable afternoon for all involved.

AB Abbie Redwood said after the event: “I used to work in a care home, so I know how important this is for the residents. It also allows them to talk to someone different.” Sailors were also keen to thank the Nursing Home for hosting them throughout the afternoon with one hoping “to visit their near-neighbours again soon.”

This event comes as the training establishment continues to offer its support for the local community and part of their huge facilities were further used for a ‘fundraising cake sale’ on Tuesday (February 13) by the on-site Woodentots Nursery Fareham.

Children, staff, and families raised a grand total of £350 in extra nursery funds by selling sweet treats; which included brownies and cupcakes inspired by Valentines Day. More information about this event and future updates can be seen on the HMS Collingwood social media page.

PICTURED BY HMS COLLINGWOOD PR TEAM: The sailors speak to one resident living at Tudor Lodge and strike up positive conversation about her old photograph, one of many memories created during this Valentine’s Day event.