Fundraisers challenged to ‘Outrun an Ambulance’

THE South Central Ambulance Charity has launched its annual ‘Outrun an Ambulance’ fundraising challenge in collaboration with sister organisations in six other regions.
It returns for a third time after two years of great success, which included picking up two NHS awards.
The challenge invites participants to complete more than the mileage an ambulance covers on an average shift while responding to people in urgent need.
Participants can outrun the ambulance mileage, but the charity is equally keen to encourage people to out-walk, out-swim, out-row, out-scoot or out-cycle an ambulance. In fact, any mode of transport that is self-propelled can be included.
Fundraisers select the distance they would like to beat by one mile and have three months to ‘outrun’ it.
Vanessa Casey, Chief Executive of South Central Ambulance Charity, said: “We would like ‘Outrun an Ambulance’ to appeal to a broader audience and be as inclusive as possible.
“It would be fantastic to see more groups and teams join forces to complete this year’s challenge. Whether you’re going solo or teaming up with friends, family or work colleagues, the best part about this challenge is that it’s great fun and you can tailor it to your or your team’s needs.”
For 2023, two new mileage distances have been added as options to choose from.
Cerys Aston, Community and Events Fundraising Officer, said: “We wanted to include an option that reflected the invaluable support we receive every day from our volunteer responders.
“When responding to emergency 999 calls, our community first responders use Dacia Duster Dynamic Response Vehicles [DRVs]. We have calculated the weekly average DRV mileage across our four counties and have included this as an option for participants to challenge and conquer.”
As well as the new DRV mileage challenge, this year there is also a 1,000-mile option to mark the 75th birthday of the NHS, which will be celebrated on July 5.
The ‘Outrun an Ambulance’ challenge is now open and the charity is looking forward to welcoming individuals and teams who are ready to go the extra mile and raise vital funds to support the life-saving work of NHS ambulance staff and volunteers.
To find out more information and sign up to this year’s challenge visit where you can also click the orange ‘start fundraising’ button to be taken straight to the charity’s Just Giving campaign page.
PICTURED: Dacia Community Responder vehicles and drivers ready for the road