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Globe mourns death of paper’s ‘co-founder’

THE GOSPORT & FAREHAM GLOBE are saddened to announce the death of co-founder Tog Porter at the age of 71 after suffering complications arising from an aggressive form of bowel cancer.

Together with former Managing Director and Editor Robin Young, Tog set up the original My Free News limited company back in June 2014, building its first ever website and Facebook pages. He furthermore took responsibility for advertising, promotion and IT development ready for the newspaper’s launch as an online tabloid in PDF form on January 23, 2015.

Several months later, My Free News evolved into the not-for-profit Globe Community Publications C.I.C., which operates the present digital news website.

Tog retired in September 2015 because of ill health, but continued to take an interest in the company he had helped to set up from his home in Barrhill, South Ayrshire.

He died last Saturday, May 11, in Ayr Hospital where he had been receiving palliative care.

Long-term friend and former colleague Robin said: “Tog was a highly intelligent, talented all-rounder who could turn his hand to a wide range of skills including photography, painting, rescuing animals and selling Mexican clothing to people with pet chihuahuas.”

“At something over 20-stone and prone to dressing up in a Roman toga and laurel leaves when in a playful mood, Tog was in every sense a larger than life character. Partly because of his bi-polar condition he had several failed marriages behind him but remained on good terms with (most of) his ex-wives, children and grandchildren, especially daughter Amelia, who shares Tog’s passion for photography and animals.”

Robin concluded: “Although a member of Mensa, Tog never considered himself to be superior to anyone who did not share his sharp intellect. He was kind, generous and fun to be around. The world is already a poorer place without him. and the Globe would never have got off the ground without his drive and determination to make the project succeed.”

Current Managing Director, Connor Steel, added: “I sadly wasn’t able to meet Tog but heard a lot of positive stories about his life and the outstanding work done to get the Globe started. I hope that we can continue his legacy for a long time to come. My thoughts are with Tog’s friends and friends during this difficult time.”

PICTURED: Globe co-founder Tog Porter loved photography and this was shown regularly in the newspaper when it first launched to residents in early 2015.