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Gosport heritage and culture celebrated

FROM jazz to rap, creative writing to 3D art, the Gosport Educational Cultural Project celebrates Gosport’s heritage and culture.

Led by outstanding artists, 200 participants from primary to college age have taken part in workshops this spring drawing inspiration from local culture from Gosport jazz legend Nat Gonella to Brent geese who over-winter in the area.

The Grange Festival, Hampshire Cultural Education Partnership and Hampshire Music  Service have delivered this pilot project to give young people the opportunity to celebrate heritage and culture in Gosport and a creative platform to explore its past, present and future.


It is hoped that this will be the first step in exploring Gosport with the children and young people who live here, with a view to continue and develop over the next two years.

The work that they have produced will culminate in an exhibition at the Discovery Centre from April 1-11.

Please do join us on Monday, April 3, from 12-1pm at the Discovery Centre, to celebrate this exhibition