World’s easiest pizza recipe

Recipe Sent By: Dianne Bartlam

This recipe for the world’s easiest pizza recipe was sent to us, which is a nice simple recipe to make children which can easily be modified for any leftovers you may have to make your favourite style of pizza that you normally get from dominos etc.

Cheese & Tomato Pizza recipe


1 Bread Roll / Muffin

2 Slice of tomato

2 tsp Tomato puree

1 handful of grated cheese (pick your favourites)

  1. Cut your muffin in half
  2. Lightly toast the muffin under the grill
  3. Spread the tomato puree on the top of the 2 muffins
  4. Add a slice of tomato on each muffin
  5. Cover each muffin with cheese
  6. Place both muffins back under the grill on a medium heat until the cheese is melted
  7. Then ready to eat