Slow cooker christmas leftovers stew

After having so many Christmas leftovers from Christmas Day. It was time to come up with a recipe for Boxing Day that everybody would eat. So if you have been watching Bridget Jones first thing that comes to mind is a Turkey Curry. But most my kids dont like curry so it was time to bring the slow cooker out again for the 3rd time over Christmas to do a crock pot stew with dumplings. So here is my simple and easy cheats reipe.


1lb Frozen Peas & Sweetcorn mix

12 Pigs in blankets  in bite size pieces

2lb Turkey left overs in bite size

1 handful of pre-cooked cabbage and broccoli

2 Potatoes diced up

Aprox 2 ltrs of turkey gravy

For Dumplings

Get a mix from local supermarket or shop

Christmas Leftovers Method

  1. Put all your vegetables in the slow cooker.
  2. Add all your diced up precooked cold turkey and your pigs in blankets  on top of the vegetables.
  3. Then add as much turkey gravy as you need to cover all your ingredients. I prefer the gravy to be a bit thicker as it will thin down over the time in the slow cooker.
  4.  Place the lid on top and put the slow cooker on low for the next 7 hours.
  5. 90 minutes from the end you need to make the dumplings. I normally use a tesco mix which you just add water to and will make 6 dumplings. And you will just need to dust in a little flour.
  6. Place them on the top of the stew for a further 60-70 mins.
  7. And then serve and enjoy.